TronDisney is doing everything it can to make sure that Tron is everywhere, it seems. In addition to next seomonth's Tron: Legacy in movie theaters, the current Marvel Comics Tron mini-series and specially-themed 房屋買賣Tron covers, the high-end Tron merchandise and Tron: Evolution videogame, the House of Mouse yesterday 土地買賣announced a new animated series, Tron: Uprising - the second Tron animated project in the works for cable 系統傢俱channel Disney XD.Uprising has an impressive list of talent involved in it. Amongst those providing voices 汽車貸款for the series are Elijah Wood (as lead character Beck, who leads the uprising of the title), Paul Reubens, G2000Lance Henriksen and Bruce Boxleitner (reprising his movie role as Tron himself), with Legacy writers Edward 房地產Kitsis and Adam Horowitz also involved as consulting producers. The series will be directed by Samurai Jack 借錢veteran Charlie Bean.Tron: Uprising will debut in 2012.對科幻電影的影迷有眼福了12月即將上演的 Tron 又是另一花蓮民宿對未來是科技世界的奇想?Read more: 西服
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